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The Blue Mustache Foundation was founded as a result of a simple gesture from a surgeon to a child.  11yo Corbin was diagnosed with Stage III Malignant Melanoma in October 2015.  With one surgery, several procedures and treatment already in motion, a second scheduled surgery created much anxiety.  Dr. Wayne Cruse, surgeon from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL made a fun gesture of drawing a blue mustache on Corbin with the blue surgical marker prior to surgery. This gesture took the focus off of the surgical incision marked with the same blue marker, and gave Corbin a smile.  This gesture also turned into a much needed coping skill for our family. The gesture continued when a family friend, Lee Ziliak, posted a picture on social media with a hand held blue mustache which started a Blue Mustache support page.  Within a week, the support page had over 1000 followers supporting Corbin's journey.  The gesture of support escalated when Dr. Harrington, partner of Dr. Cruse, and his entire surgical team sported the Blue Mustache for Corbin's 3rd surgery.   The momentum has not stopped.  Moffitt Cancer Center's Cutaneous Team has promoted and provided continued support through their involvement in posting pics. We want to pay it forward.   We have had many friends and family donate to our medical bills, dinners, house cleaning, and child care.    Pediatric Melanoma is rising, and we need more awareness and research!    All proceeds from donations and purchases as we move forward will go to the Awareness and Research for Pediatric Melanoma at Moffitt Cancer Center.     ~ Dan and Lisa Newman


About us

To promote Pediatric Melanoma Awareness & Research   


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